Harvest and Celebration


Ta-da! Our long beans come to abundance after 2 months! We had aphids in the beginning, eating up so many beans. We tried “water blasting” them, applying home made eco enzyme and hand picking them. The last seems to be the most effective way of pest control. After a week, the aphids disappear into the LaLaLand. Yippie yippie yay! Doing nothing is part of the alternative as it attracts the natural predators to come after the pests. We are proudly organic, producing 2-3kg of long beans daily.

IMG_3757IMG_3762As we are living in the Chinese community, we celebrated together the Duan Wu festival, as remembrance of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. One of the symbolic food during this is the cone shape glutinous rice dumplings! They are wrapped in bamboo leaves, ending with string made from banana bark. The fillings are peanuts, mushrooms, salted duck yoke, dried shrimps, boiled nut and pork marinated with five spices.

Plenty to harvest, plenty to celebrate!


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