Yin, the Yang!

IMG_8146Look at her smile! Hehe!

Welcome YinA wonderful Hong Kong lady raised in London became the Yang of the farm.

She turned white into yellow! How? Our farm dog, Xiao Bai, had suffered from skin problems and couldn’t stop scratching. Without any hesitation, Yin bathed him thoroughly and painted him YELLOW with the antiseptic yellow lotion. He healed within a week and more hair are growing now. Victory! Yin worked so well with chickens too. She observed them during the day and realised that they actually talk to each other like us! Chickens also form their own social groups. For instance we have 3 handicapped chickens which always care for each other. Harry the blind, Stevie the crooked leg and Cookie the broken leg. All roosters. Because of their impairment, they took care and keep each other company. Yin fell in love with their conversations.


The kids love Yin! They demanded asked her to autograph all her drawings she made for them. It was a day full of colors and papers!


Who would not like a round table meal with dishes cooked mainly from garden produce? Happy tummies happy faces!


From the inspiration of the chickens, she painted them based on her design on a recycled chair seat. An ecological friendly artist indeed! The Chinese calligraphy at the bottom seems like a smiley and it’s also Xin’s name in Chinese! She brought so much life to the farm family.



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