New Friends for the Chickens!

FullSizeRenderbBlack chickens? They are the Silkies!

Silkies chickens are a breed with silky white feathers, black skin, black beak and legs. Traditionally, Chinese use the silkies to make soup which has medicinal values. A friend came one day and gave us 6 silkies. We find them absolutely calm and friendly, more so hardy they don’t get affected too much from wild weather.


Harlow Turkeys!

Turkey has a different call than the chickens. We put them together with the chickens and they seem to like each others company. Soon we will have turkey eggs! Yippie!


Next stars on the block – Ducks!

They don’t quack as I imagine they would! Uncle Kooi Min brought us 8 ducklings one afternoon. Fred was excited and built a pen area for them. He even hand dig a pond that is fed by underground spring! The ducklings swim happily, washing their heads and feathers, shaking their arse as they walk on. They are really funny. We reuse the puppy house for their shelter. Fence is necessary to keep the pups at bay. Marigolds are planted along the shoreline, let’s hope our ducks dont like them!


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