We have traveled without Money


Presenting you the very special… Natale and Marielli!

From Brazil! Lalalalalala…

Look it up for their experience of traveling without money for the last 25 months through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Bali and Malaysia.

Travelling Australia without money

We are so lucky to have them with us. Natale is a permaculture designer and Mari is a nutritionist. They came with wide open arms and warm smile on their face. Natale and Mari are like angels sent from heaven.


Natale made a Petai painting for Jiu Kong. He is so proud of it that he is showing this to the community around here. Natale is very impressed with his happy personality, forever offering tea to people who comes to his place.

Chicken Tractor Project


During their stay here, they designed a mobile chicken coop. It is a structure aimed for using chickens to prepare the soil for planting. The chickens scratch the soil for food and weed out the grass. At the same time providing manure to the soil, which is a good source of nitrogen. Hence the name – chicken tractor.


The crew with the structure. Mesh is wrapped around to prevent predators from reaching the chickens. It gives good ventilation and light into the coop.


This is our new mobile chicken coop! We can shift the structure to a new place once this patch of grass is mowed away. There is a perch for the chicken to roost in the night and a tarp over it to provide shade and shelter.


Next to the chicken tractor, Mari and Natale helped with building the soil with chicken manure, dried leaves, coconut shells and soil. It is now ready to be used as raised planting bed!

Thanks very much for your inspiration and motivation, Natale and Mari!


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