Karnival Pesta Tanglung (Lantern Festival)


Serukam Farm was at the Karnival Pesta Tanglung (Lantern Festival) in Sungai Petani! The proceed of RM286 in this charity event went to Sin Min Independent Secondary School Education Fund.


We spent 2 weeks to collect recyclables and natural materials and turned them into beautiful art.

Natural Bamboo Creations

IMG_4539a IMG_4541a

Bamboo is a wonderful raw material and easy to work with. We harvested them from our land and carved them into bamboo chopsticks, rice scoop and as decoration for the festival.

Lanterns made from Recycled Tin CansIMG_4550IMG_4548 IMG_9269aIMG_9270a


We recycled tin cans from our relatives. Xin’s parents carved them into beautiful lanterns. These lanterns used to be popular handmade art during the 70s in Malaysia as many families cannot afford to buy lanterns then. They produce beautiful rays of light when they are lighted. They are almost “extinct” now and slowly losing their place as many commercial lanterns took over. It was great to preserve this art.

Info Boards from Recycled Doors

IMG_4552a IMG_4562aIMG_4614a

The crew wanted to reach out to the people through education. Hence, we turned the old doors and old junk wood into information boards full of colors. We talked to many people about Organic Farming, Organic Food, Waste Segregation, Eco Habits, The Importance to Change and Compost Making. We also made boards for items that we sell. We spent no money except for the paints.

Vertical Garden from Recycled Bed Frame

IMG_4589a IMG_9387

Ta-da! A new idea for recycling your old bed frame or unused pallet. We planted flowers and pandan leaves in the coconut shells we collected from a local store. It became an attraction for photos at the festival.

Promoting WWOOFing


With the gunny sacks that we collected, we put up our farm photos with the wwoofers that came volunteering at the farm. We hope to see more Malaysians volunteering in organic farms with exchange of an organic lifestyle.

Charity Food Stall

Curry Chicken Brown Rice (Free Ranged Chicken) + Elderberry Herbal Tea (Organic) + Fresh Chilli (Organic)



image4 image5

Organic food is our way of life. Xin’s mother – Soo Fong was an incredible chef. She made Curry Chicken Brown Rice with our free ranged chickens. Biggest thanks also to Jiu Poh to help make pots of elderberry herb tea from the farm. Grandma helped to picked our chillies too, she said its good for your health 🙂 To promote NO PLASTIC at the festival, we used eco lunch boxes (100% compostable), paper cups (no straws!) and bamboo chopsticks. We sold out our food before 7pm! We used our homemade enzyme to clean plates and Xin totally fell in love with it!



Fred gave workshops on compost making and enzyme brewing. Many people were interested and inspired to make their own at home! Fred also taught people to separate waste and recycle at home.


In return, he got to learn the local Chinese culture – making mooncake 😀

Our Sponsors


Sharp Company’s Green Club sponsored us 500 recycle bags for the festival. They also borrowed us a projector to play eco films and their Boombox for music. Thanks very much for your kindest support.


Solid Waste Corporation provided us recycled bins for display. Idaman Environment gave us free flyers  to distribute to the public about waste segregation project that was started on 1 September 2015 and a banner. Thanks very much to their generosity.

Other than that, thanks to Jiu Kong & family to support us with all the cooking pots and cutleries. Thanks to Da Gu for letting us use their outdoor fan and water container. Thanks to Er Shu for lending us his pickup truck and ice box.

Again, thanks to all the volunteers that came – Soo Fong, Kooi Seow, Chelsea, Kooi Ching & students, Yong Xuan, Yong Shuang. Your support has made it possible and successful for our first attempt at the lantern festival.


Happy Lantern Festival to all!


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