Warm Showers Cyclists

Warmshowers is a platform for cyclists to connect for places to stay and sharing experience. We hosted Jon and Nina, a happy couple from England and Poland. After that came Amelie, the solo woman cyclist from Quebec. They are ZERO CARBON EMISSION makers, very ecological friendly tourists. So lovely to have them!


I swear I haven’t laughed so much for a while until Jon and Nina arrived at our doorsteps. Their sense of humor is super! A great couple to have around, they helped build our African Keyhole garden. Jon fell into the stream with his wheel barrel unintensionally, don’t mistaken me, he’s not clumsy! The whole family enjoyed their cooking so much and that became the topic for a full week. We had FUN thanks for coming!

Their feedback is:

We had an incredible few days down on the farm with Xin, Fred, Aunty, Uncle, the ducks, the chickens and the dogs. I don’t think there is any way that we could have been made to feel more welcome, from the never ending tea to Auntys delicious food. The farm itself is a project in sustainable organic living, and we were lucky enough to be able to help out building the “African Keyhole” composter. We wish we could have stayed longer! Overall an inspirational Warm Showers experience that we will both remember for a very long time šŸ™‚


Amelie is the first solo woman cyclist we hosted! She is very courageous for the trip and we really wish her good journey ahead. The family enjoyed her company, especially our 2 little puppies! She loved our cempedak, petai (smelly beans), dragon fruit and all the garden produce.

Amelie says:

It was such a pleasure meeting with Xin, her aunt and uncle and Fred. Their organic farming project is super inspiring and I was left wishing I had more time to spend with these two cool cats. Thanks for the wonderful veggie meal, best of luck for your future projects and hopefully catch you around!

Later we found out she is a friend of ours, Yin, who came wwoofing with us! What a small world!


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