CleanWAS (Water, Air and Soil) International Conference 2015

DSCN1533 We found out about the International Conference on CleanWAS (Clean Water, Air and Soil) from our dear Alaskan friend, Johanna Eurich. Academicians and scientists around the world gathered in Kuala Lumpur to present facts and figures on the environment.


We invited ourselves to the conference. Dr Ashraf from University of Malaya, took us as volunteers. Having 5 languages all together in our pocket was a plus for the registration team!


We met many interesting people from Asia, Europe and Africa. Many of the research highly indicated that global warming is at its worst in 2015!!! Many cities are slowly disappearing as sea level rise. Carbon dioxide is at its highest concentration this year. Malaysia itself produces 40 tonnes of rubbish a day! It is very critical we need to act now.

What caught my interest was a topic about glyphosate(Roundup), a commonly used herbicide.


Indika, a phD student from Bangladesh, has stated that glyphosate causes kidney failures especially among farmers. They are trying to extract it from the contaminated land by using biochar. The question then is – where could we dump these extracts full of glyphosate? It is still an issue to be thought over. We are proud to insist the NO CHEMICAL rule in our little piece of land. By doing that, we saved our wild bees which pollinate, our soil which gives life, our people and our biodiversity.

IMG_4652aWe felt privileged to be part of the conference. At the same time realising that our way of life at Serukam has an infinite value within.


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