Lemongrass Harvest


Lemongrass (Serai) is widely used in Malaysian cuisine, whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Siamese or others. They are popular for their lemony fragrant that the old people believe lemongrass chase bad spirit away! But not me 😛 They are cooked in curry, made into sauces like sate sauce, added to salad and brewed into medicinal tea. It takes 6 months or more to grow them into good size. This is our harvest of 6 months old.


Everybody came to help processing the harvest. Even the chickens and the pups 😀 Fat ones for the market and little ones for replanting. I use the leaves as mulch, and remnants of cuttings as bedding for the chicks. Lemongrass are good company to Chillies!


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