Permaculture garden and The Hanging (Out) Garden / Nursery project :-)

Moving forward with the creativity and moving step by step towards creating a beautiful and productive space we started a new garden incorporating a hanging garden/nursery, african keyhole and ninja fungus keyhole garden 😉


The first step started actually few month ago with the help of Julien and Joanne. The task was to clean up a junk palace to use the space later on for gardens. Happen that we have been carried away with other farm stuff and began with the gardens few month later :

The African Keyhole Garden

DSC_2591     DSC_2671

By the time we started Julien and Joanne left, but we had Jon and Nina, two cycling crusaders who came to help us with the african keyhole! We used old roof tiles and second hand bricks to create the rounded shape bed. We made sure of planting easy access with several half entrances. While in the process, a reproduction of Jon’s epic dive into the river 😉

DSC_2592     IMG_4388


Once the bed finished, we began to pile different layers of organic materials, starting with branches, followed by leave, straw, chicken manure, water and greens. Thinking that we lost him, HeyHey fell asleep on the comfortable bed, having a afternoon nap after the hard work. 🙂

In the middle of the keyhole, we made a compost circle with a chicken wire wall. This will allow us to fill it with kitchen waste. With the time, the food scrap will decompose and go directly into the bed, providing our future plants with fresh nutriments!

DSC_2640     IMG_4407

IMG_4404     IMG_5099

After weeks of kitchen waste, an army of pumpkins started to pop-up, taking over the keyhole 😉


The african keyhole finished, we started to create more beds, this time with natural stone, keeping and following the round shape of the keyhole

                The Hanging(out) Garden/Nursery

A multi-purpose structure is always a good thing, saving space, effort and walking distances 🙂


Starting with the beginning : putting up the structure!

IMG_4998     IMG_4999

Following the beginning : making sure of strong foundations by cementing the legs.

IMG_5014     IMG_5019

Once the structure up, we started to made beds for our future climbing plants. Sama sama, roof tiles and bricks 😉

Shelves are built to carry and providing a safe grow for the baby plants!

IMG_5127     IMG_5126

Next steps : the building of a strong but beautiful mosaic table and a sunshade to protect our young plants from the powerful Malaysian sun.

IMG_5142     IMG_5140

IMG_5222     IMG_5223a


 The mosaic team during work : Bruce and Chiara, two energetic and creative cyclist; the tireless May, la petite francaise d’Alsace 😉 Jonny and Fiona, two wwoofer’s from Scotland, giving us great help on the farm! Still need to come back for the worm composting 🙂 Keith and Coralie, two lovely friend from the PDC at Panya, Xin and Fred; and probably the most important : Chica, supervising everything in her office underneath the table 😉

And after a few month of rain, sun and cosmic energy… 🙂


At the moment there is all sorts of plants growing inside : Luffa, Passion Fruit, Rosella, Cat’s Whiskers, Pepper, Flowers, Frangipani, Lemon Basil, Coffee and a few Weeds 🙂



The Ninja Fungus keyhole garden

New plans, new ideas and new energy are in the air, new and old friends are here to help creating the new garden!


After clearing the area and drawing the lines we started to put up the raised beds. We know the drill : bricks and roof tiles are on the party 😉

IMG_6490     IMG_6495

With the help of logs we’ve made a raised bed circle in the middle of the garden. A perfect place to plant a mandarin tree!! While putting different layers of organic materials, we noticed the strong smell of fermented chicken manure…



Came the beautiful couple, Debby and Ed from Holland. Everyday they shovel compost and top soil with the rest of the crew, creating huge area of raised beds for planting!


Our new ninja fungus garden ready for planting!


Before the creation… Then everything transformed…

nursery gardens

… And a few month later!


Our Permaculture nursery under the hanging garden, African keyhole composter, Ninja fungus garden next to chicken tractor 😀


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