Hatching Chicks

Last October, we got a gift from a 70 year-old farmer —> THE HATCHING BOX!!!

Our experiment was successful and 20 new chicks were born at Serukam 😀

The box is made of wood carton, with a mesh tray that could fit 56 eggs. It came with 4 lights of 5W each, maintaining the temperature at 38 degrees Celsius. Water is important as it keeps the humidity constant throughout the hatching. Fertilized eggs are marked with ‘X’ on one side and ‘O’ on the other. This is to make recognising sides easier when it comes to turning!


Hmm… turning? Yes! Turning the eggs for 21 days is the key to success! We turned the eggs once a day everyday.


After 21 days, our first egg cracked! Look at this! Magic 😀


Slowly, the little chicks peck open the shell and breathe in their first puff of tropical air! Yay!!! They stay in the incubator for few hours till their feathers are dry and able to stand firmly on their own feet. Cutie chicks are then relocated into the new cosy barn and find themselves water and food. Civilization!



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