Pizza Night with Bruce and Chiara

Wait a minute, rice again? Not with Bruce and Chiara!

They are super energetic cyclists, even after sweats from farm work, they still kick in with their home made pizza dough and woodfire pizza!

After a night of exploded pizza dough (our tropical heat is super fermenting!), they came back with loads of ingredients! Olives, capsicum, brocolli, spinach from farm, spiced meat balls, corn, aubergines, mushrooms, tomato paste and most importantly – mozarella and parmesan cheese!

Its a grand project with the kids and the retirees! Bruce and Chiara taught them to knead dough, prepare the base with colorful ingredients and bake them over the woodfire then oven. The whole village was crowded with visitors as nobody ever seen something so special like this!

Thanks so much for all the fun and lively conversations. They are super couple!


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