Black is the new Gold

Soil is the key element to produce quality harvest. Compost is the best soil conditioner and the best way to create new soil while restoring the land. Uncle Kooi Min again gave us truck loads of compost from the nearby closed down nursery. Lucky us!

Fred’s daily morning wake up – turning compost and the high heat steaming become his sauna! Happy May shifting wheel barrel loads of compost to the orchard and garden. Heaven for plants! Muacks ❤ Fiona collecting the chicken manure that is high in nitrogen content for plants. Meanwhile Johnny mixing the compost to the soil before planting. The hardcore gold miners team!

Our newly planted mandarins with bed frames to hold nutrients. We pull up leaves and sticks blankets over the bed to keep the plants happy 😀 Our papayas that are 5 months old are heavily mulched. Pineapples are nourished with heaps of black gold! Super rich!


Our citrus trees sending you good energy! They love the compost so much and are giving us plenty of harvest!




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