School Talk about Recycling

By Nina Lund

On 10 January 2016, the Sekuram farm team went to Sin Min Independent School to help them kick of their new recycling program. About 400 students between the ages of 13 and 16 attended the talk. In order to make the talk more interesting for the kids who already had been in class all day, we stared out with a Quiz. Each question had 3 possible answers and kids had to run to the answer they thought where correct.


How much trash does Malaysia produce in 1 day? 30,000 tonnes

How much trash does the world produce in 1 day? 3,500,000 tonnes

How long does plastic take to degrade? 1000 years

What is the biggest waste in our daily life? Food

Which 3R is the most efficient for waste management? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

After the quiz the talked proceeded with Fred explaining in English and Xin afterwards explaining in Chinese about waste management. To keep the kids awake and alive during the talk Xin walked among them and asked questions.


After the talk the students and teachers were treated to a theater skit. The plastic bag love couple Plastica and Plastico came and shared their story.


Their story starts when one day a woman went to the market. She was shopping around and went to the fruit stand. She bought some fruits that where packed in plastico. The woman carried plastico with her when she went to the vegetable shop, and when she bought some vegetables they here packed in plastica. The woman put the two bags in her car when she drove off. It didn’t take long for the two plastic bags to fall in love.

The talked about all the amazing places they would go together, and how they would spend their time. “we can go to plastic island” plastico said. “yes”, said plastica, “ and there we can go swimming in the ocean with all the other plastic”. They dreamed together but suddenly!

The woman had finished the fruit she kept in plastico and threw him out of the window. “ Nooooooooooo” screamed plastica. “ PPPLLLAAAAAAASSSSTTIIIIIICAAAAAAA” yelled plastico as he landed in the forest. The woman kept driving and eating and it didn’t take long before she had finished all the vegetables she had kept in plastica, and threw her out the window too.

Plastica landed on the beach. She got up to look around and saw all around her dead plastic. Some of it ripped to pieces and some of it half buried in the sand. She was shocked to see a dead bird with pieces of plastic inside it! This is horrible through plastica, now she would never want to go to the beach with all the dead plastic. And she would never want to go flying! The birds could eat her! Plastica was gripped by panic and ran as much as she could until she collapsed too tired to move.

Meanwhile Plastico had landed in the forest. He was surrounded by other plastic most of it already dead. This is horrible through Plastico. How will I ever find Plastica? He started walking and saw some light. He came closer and closer. It was a fire! A man was burning a big pile of plastic! He saw plastico and wanted to put him on the fire. “Nooooooooooo” screamed plastic, “I don’t want to be burned”.

But then before the fire touched Plastico the recycling angel appeared. She grapped Platico and saved him from the fire. Together they flew over the forest and on to the beach. The recycling angel grapped Plastica as well and brought her back to live. The she flew both of them to the recycling station and together Platsica and Plastico where recycled and lived happily ever after.


~The End~



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