Breeding Black Soldier Fly



Chicken poop attracts Black Soldier Fly so we have a good potential. When May visited from Panya, she constructed a black soldier fly breeder with Fred using the old bath tub!


A wooden lid (which was an old unwanted door) to give some privacy to the flies.

Bathtub to store kitchen waste for black soldier flies’ feed.

PVC pipe as a ladder for the larvae to climb out into the bucket.

An opening at the bottom to collect compost tea for the gardens.

In the beginning you might find the normal fly breeding, but after a few days, the black soldier fly would take over the whole colony and give your chickens nutritious food – the larvae!



The black soldier fly compost gives extra proteins for the chicks and promote self sufficiency by producing your own feed.

You can harvest the larvae juice with a container placed under a drain, you can use it after diluting into water and spray it in the garden.

When the compost full, you can take what remains and put as fertilizer for the plants.

SO good 🙂



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