Cob Oven


Marco’s newly built cob oven!

Let’s see how can you also do it at home!

photo 20

If you discover muddy soil in your land, dig a mud pit. With mud, sand and water, we began a mud stomping dance!

Booga Booga!

With the ready cob, we pile up bricks in a circle and put on the creamy cob to stick them together. In the circle, we use urbanite (any concrete waste from construction) to fill up to table height. At the same time, we got ourselves the muddy crew!


At table height, arrange fire bricks so you get the base floor for the oven. Leveling is the secret. On the top, make a sand pile forming dome shape. Introducing you Marco’s method – the sausage cobbing. With the sausages, layer them around the sand pile. The end picture would be like this:



Plastering the next layer. With a little bit of rice straw mix with cob, you will be able to design beautiful shape. So be creative!


We put up a roof for the oven and let Bob dry in the heat. Perfect now when El Nino strikes. When Bob is dry, cut out the opening and empty out the sand pile.


Have fun baking & roasting!



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