Kin Khao Mai? (Eat Rice Want?)




Kin Kin Kin! (Eat Eat Eat!!!) That’s my granduncle’s famous saying in Serukam Farm.

The best Mekong couple, Wat and Clare, came to visit from Thailand and decided to “bulldoze” down parts of the wetland to PLANT RICE! Even though there were Wat’s No. 1 enemy – the leech 😀



Wat channel out some water from the wetland. The stick in the middle is his water level indicator.

Nothing can stop this crazy couple when they have sickles in their hands. As El Nino hit us at 40C daytime temperature, they are weeding in the wetland. Done in half a day. Idea is to have 2 experimental plots. One is by taking out all the weeds, left nothing but the water. One is to trim and stomp-N-drown-N-cover up method.

We then germinate rice in pots and also along the muddy bank. More updates soon as they have already sprouted in this little nursery 🙂

Kin khao mai?

6 months later….

HARVEST TIME! (11.03.16 – 25.09.16)


The inviting rice has went through all sun, stars, moon, rain, wind, all sorts of life forms…

Rise Rice Rise! The Asians source of energy…



Every grain has a story. Now I appreciate so much more when I eat rice.


We need to dry them and mill them into ready form 🙂


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