The Wonder of Luffa

Have you ever dreamed of making your own sponge? Dreamed to use your homemade sponge to wash your body, clean your plates or scrub the floor?

So easy with the Luffa!!

You don’t have to make anything, the plant does it for you in exchange of good soil, water and love!

The fruit grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas, it is a vine member of the cucumber family. We used our hanging garden to grow and support it.

Whats the good things about it?

  • it grows very easily
  • the plant last for long and produce all year round
  • the bright yellow flowers attract pollinators
  • natural, doesn’t harm the body, can put into the compost bin when it’s time for it
  • it promotes blood circulation if you use it for your body
  •  growing on a hanging structure it gives nice shade and a lovely green surrounding
  • the fruit gives a huge load of seeds that you can offer to friends or family, so they can grow their own, save some gold and be one step more self sufficient!!
  • and……you can EAT the fruit when still young!!! Miam 🙂

Whats the less good stuff about it?

  • unfortunately, by growing your own sponge you are not supporting the sponge industry anymore 🙂

How to process it?


Leave your luffa plant to dry in the hanging garden. Cut it when it is brown, like the one in this picture. Soak them overnight and peel off the skin. Dry them in the sun after and you will get your own luffa sponge bob!

When they are dry, you could use it as a whole or cut them into smaller sizes. The black seeds are removed for planting later. (look at all the seeds!!)


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