Making Biochar with Wat, yes Wat!


The more we stay here, the better we are in scavanging! Wat is probably a pioneer in this so we collected some leftover cut trees from the nearby forest. Cutting them into pieces that could fit horizontally into an oil drum barrel.


We found this drum when we were looking for metallic bucket from a scrap metal warehouse. So!

Step 1 – Make a fire at the bottom until it catch


Step 2 – Lay down the wood pieces horizontally into the drum. Stack to the top or even more as they would eventually go down as they burn. Leave it to burn for 3-4 hours.

Warning! It would create a lot of smoke so do it when your enemy is visiting. Can chase away bad spirit 😀



Step 3 – When the wood is burned to this stage, we can move into covering it to stop the burning process. That’s how charcoal is made.

Step 4 – Close the drum with a metal lid that also has a screw lid. Since there is still some smoke coming out after, Wat use mud to seal up the gaps 😛 There were a few bing bang bom explosion after but it was OK, no drama! We left it to cool down overnight.

The morning after, it shrunk to this shape:


Must be the pressure!

Otherwise, we got beautiful biochar from Wat, yes Wat! 😀


Biochar is a porous material. It is good to be added into gardens to house microbes, filtering water, absorb odour in wardrobe and of course cooking.


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