Geodesic Dome with Hexagon Base

The purpose of this building is to make a massage parlour with natural materials around us. It is the first time we are tackling geometry in our buildings!



Started with the super dynamic team Ewen and Anne-Sophie, the architects starting to design the hexagon based building on paper.

We cleared out the building site and started to pin out our hexagon. 60 degrees for each triangle from the center. The architects are also builders this time! Digging holes for the foundation is next, following up with some fun cementing actions. Leveling is the key to good foundation!

Ewen and Anne-Sophie are super hardworking and together we setup the foundation beams. Measuring, cutting in angles, nailing and cementing the legs are among the hard work. In between the hardwork, we were introduced to this game called “Cannastar” by Anne-Sophie. Ewen meantime made us tremendous Caipirinhia – lime juice with rum. We also fired up the oven for some delicious choc cookies and pesto roast plate! And voila that’s the secret recipe to our hexagon base!


If you can read French, please visit their blog with a post about us. It was written with great sense of humour and wonderful pictures.



For a long time we were wondering how to make the roof. Until this geodesic pallet dome, designed by Ctrl + Z Architecture, inspired our thinking bubble!



With Chris whom I met at Cintra Street in Penang, we studied the theory behind the geodesic dome on the internet. Chris is very spacial minded and that helped a lot in understanding the building with all the drawings he put down on papers.

We decided to build a 3V 4/9 dome, with 6 meters diameter that comes to 2.5 meters height. This type of dome is made out of 2 type a triangles, A-A-B and C-C-B. A=1.05m, B=1.21m, C=1.24m.


I think we are blessed with talented souls here. After Chris has left, we had Shay, El, Pablo and Clara, all from different parts of the world, arrived at our doorsteps. With 2 colors cardboards, we made the triangles to form a prototype of 0.5m diameter. We realised by gluing all the sides of the triangles together, the dome is formed with its subtle angles.


Our prototype is done!


One fine afternoon, Uncle Kooi Min sent us truck loads of wooden pallets from construction sites which they were to burn away. Its our gold πŸ™‚ We started dissembling them into building materials, meanwhile Fred has build us a good sawing table for our mass production. First element of C-C-B is made in a day!


Ta-da, we had 6 elements of C-C-B here. Hence, the decision to bolt them together is preferred over nailing.

At the moment, we are collecting more materials to get going with the building. So if any of you happen to have some time to lend a helping hand, please drop by πŸ™‚



Other than building the elements, we also put our next effort into thatching our own roofs with grass! Neighbours’ field is the target and it keeps them at bay with their poisonous spraying gun! Clearing has begun!!!


With a technique from Isaan (North-East Thailand), we started to thatch the grass onto bamboo sticks with the climbing vines available around here.


This is El with her grass dress πŸ™‚

We have lot more to go… Till then


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