Making Coconut Oil


Coconut nut oil has been used since many generations ago for cooking and cosmetic purposes. It is good for skin, hair and so easy to make at home. This is the simplest way to make it:

Choose old coconut and get the fruit in the middle. Half the coconut. This is a traditional tool on the stool for shaving coconut. Usually 5 coconut will yield 1-2 cups of oil.

Place the shaved coconut onto a cloth. Add a little water and squeeze out the coconut milk. Older coconut will have more milk!


Strain the milk into a wok


Heat the milk on medium heat. Keep stirring for approx 1 hour.


You will see the coconut oil slowly forming! Its magico experience 🙂


At this state, it is ready. Dont cook it to brown color. Strain out the residue and voila your coconut oil is born! Let it cool and start using!


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