Making Kefir Milk

One day, Xin’s mom went to visit her friend in Kuala Lumpur and discover the brand new Kefir Milk! With the grains given by her friend, she is now enjoying her new experiment! Instead of Kefir Milk, we call it Yogurt Kefir. It is to introduce this new fermented milk drink that has the yogurty texture and a slightly sour taste to the community here. This is how she makes it at home:


  • This is kefir grains (doesn’t look so attractive on screen!) – the key to making yogurt kefir. Just imagine you are keeping a pet animal – you need to feed the grains daily. This is just a little bit more special, you feed them milk.



  • So 1 tablespoon of grains to 4 cups of milk. Let it sit at room temperature for 10-12 hours



  • Ta-da! Yogurt kefir wants to go into the bottle and stay refrigerated. Can last for a week or two.

Recommended Recipes / Tips:

  1. Mix with fruits as breakfast
  2. Alternative to coconut milk in green curry
  3. Topping in tacos
  4. Use it like how you would use sour cream

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