Serukam Eco Farm

Location – Kampung Serukam, Sungai Petani

Started – March 2015



Serukam Eco Farm started on Xin Tong’s family land. The 2-acre land is owned by the family since 1969. Great Circle Tribe initiated the idea of creating an Eco Farm in March 2015. Merging together with the original family, we have 5 people currently living in the farm, Xin’s Uncle and Auntie, their son, Xin and Fred.

The petite project started with the aim of experimenting self-sufficiency and learning how to manage a small scale eco-farm. While in the process, we are restoring the land, creating awareness about the environment, sharing and proposing natural alternatives.

We are improving the living conditions and systems of the farm by adapting permaculture principles. By using our hands, passion, common sense, teamwork, fun and hope, we believe that our small step today will make a difference tomorrow.

Since March 2015, the project has achieved and experienced many evolutions :

Successfully set up chicken coops with 200 free ranged chicken that provides us meat, eggs and manure 😉 They feed on a great variety of food, with 30% greens (selom herb/grass), 30% food waste (rice/noodles/barley grains/prawn shells), 30% shredded coconut, 5% pellets and 5% insects/worms. Sick animals are given traditional herbal medicine and separated in the chicken hospital for observations until they are well. We are also hatching our own baby chicks.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is our practice. We separate organic and general waste, eliminating the need of open burning.

Compost are created with dry leaves, grass clippings/weeds, kitchen waste, chicken manure at our compost bay and African keyhole garden. Compost creates good soil for our vegetable gardens, hanging garden, fruit orchard and nursery. Within a year, we have showed that its so possible to farm without chemicals!

We host volunteers from WWOOF (World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms) and Workaway travellers community. They brought in fun, laughters, nice conversations, hard work (sometimes 😉 ), new energy and creativity!!

The project is not business oriented, we are doing our best to generate enough income to stay afloat. We focus on moving towards a much more profitable goal : a possible happy and healthy living for mankind on earth by preserving nature and adapting appropriate values.

See our blog here.


There’s so much to write about the project but you need to come and experience by yourself. We welcome wwoofers/volunteers always! Do check for available space 🙂

You can contact us : 

Xin Tong :


Permaculture is a revolution disguised as gardening

                                                                                                 Mike Feingold

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